Narwhal Productions is a new and innovative media company dedicated to producing meaningful commercial media for the global market. We work with writers, directors, co-producers, photographers and financiers with a view to producing high quality media product for either private use or world wide distribution. The partners of Narwhal having come from business backgrounds in both media and finance have strong connections through their many associates with sales agent, distributors and creative consultants. We at all times collaborate fully with our partners, whether it be a film for the global market, a brand projection or a television programme for the populus. Our aim is to produce not only entertaining art, but commercially successful product for our partners, so we can continue producing. Narwhal also has a presence in LA through its association with Portent.io, the film analytics people


The Crew

Robert Bell


Producer & CEO

Robert Bell has worked in the film industry for over fifteen years along side running his own company as a city entrepreneur and in his capacity as an Executive Producer raised equity for small to medium budgeted films. For a time he also worked in the music industry with producer Steve Rowland. In 2008 Robert assisted in his capacity as Executive Producer for the production of the independent film Sisterhood. Recently as an Executive Producer at Mirror Productions for the film Vita & Virginia, he has arranged for the script, written by Eileen Atkins, to be work shopped in preparation for financing and pre-production. Robert has attended London College of Communications and has extensive knowledge of the workings of the film industry.

Kinga Plachecinska

Production Assistant

Kinga is a graduate of the Karol Szymanowski Memorial Music School in Torun majoring in opera. Recently she attended London school of Communications and is concentrating her focus on the film industry. She has produced several short films and worked at several production houses. In the past Kinga has also acted as a music journalist and copywriter for Apple creating content for a version for the Apple Music Application. Kinga has now joined Narwhal productions to work closely with Producer and CEO on all areas of development and production.

Hamish Brocklebank


Executive Producer

Hamish walks, talks and sleeps everything tech & Media. In a former life worked in the city, but more recently has spent time working in Advertising, PR and has been actively involved in the creation, launch and financing of various tech platforms. Hamish is currently actively involved as a producer, in the development of a Horror Period Drama with a well known and successful production house. He is currently creating a unique tech platform, Portent.io, that can calculate “actuarial” results for the success of a television or film production. He is  testing the model with a major global broadcasting group. Hamish is a member of the SVC2UK 100 Club living between Los Angeles and Londo

Rob Bradley

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 15.51.19

In-house Music Supervisor & Composer

Rob Bradley, is a British composer working in Film and Television. In the past he has worked for the BBC, Current TV and Sky Horror. Also a mixing engineer he contributes an effective emotional dynamic to cutting edge productions and knows the importance of consistently meeting tight deadlines and maintaining a prolific level of professional creative output. Rob has 20 years music production experience , recording, mixing and performing. He is  fluent in a diverse range of modern day production styles retaining orchestral, avant-garde and atmospheric arrangements. Rob can also compose music specifically for brand or corporate public relation campaigns.


Emma Collins

In-house Editor

Emma Collins is an extremely experienced editor, specialising mainly in drama. She’s cut films starring ‘A list’ talent from hard hitting shorts to comedy features. Originally trained as an actor, Emma has a brilliant eye for cutting performance and creating pace with impact. She began her career as a runner for a number of facility and post houses in Soho. She eventually got a foot in the door as head assistant editor for various TV productions at Suite Post Production for productions including, The Office, The Catherine Tate Show, Not going out, The Smoking Room and Extras. At Maeve Films she was head of post production and edited all three feature films, GYPO, RUBY BLUE and THE CALLING. She also edited award winning professional short films, including MY MOTHER (LIFF Best Short Film). Emma continues her work editing many independent feature films, television and over thirty short films. She also finds time to mentor young filmmakers at the BFI film academy and inspire young members of uScreen, an initiative created by Screen South for young deaf and disabled children to make films alongside able-bodied young people.