Writer: Robert Bell

In Development



Eugenie and her brother Adam would be considered normal seventeen-year-old twins except they have been completely cosseted from the outside world. Their widower oligarch father Anton Kopinski jealous of their intimacy forces his son to join the army and his daughter to attend a private girls school. Afflicted with lonely grief and having made a blood pact with her brother never to be apart from him, Eugenie leaves home to look for him. On that day, a bomb is detonated in her father’s office block in downtown New York. In the chaos of the disaster she encounters the recently fired Charles Zhukovski, a Stanford professor and the twins former tutor. Zhukovski tells Eugenie that her brother has gone absent without leave from the army and knows his whereabouts. Believing her father has been killed in the blast, Eugenie decides to travel across America with Zhukovski in a Greyhound bus to be reunited with her brother. Unbeknown to Eugenie, Zhukovski is using her willing and resentful brother to wreak revenge on Anton and the world.

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    I See Spiders

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    Ten Chunks Of Her