Writer - Gary Young

Producer - Robert Bell

Director - Richard Bazley

Executive Producer - Gary Kurtz

Executive Producer - Paul Goodenough

I See Spiders

I See Spiders

Renowned physician, DR JOSEPH METCALFE, believes he has found a cure for Parkinson’s, the very disease he himself is struck down with.  Whilst other medicines slow the symptoms, Dr Metcalfe’s pioneering wonder drug T108 has produced startling results in the drug trials and it looks as if the Doctor and his team have actually come up with a cure.  Funded by multi billion giant CHEM-LIFE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY, Dr Metcalfe’s medical breakthrough is the story of the century and his name is rumoured to go down alongside Louis Pasteur and Marie Curie.  However when one of his patients on the double blind test is found dead under mysterious circumstances, after suffering from paranoid delusions and nightmarish hallucinations, Chem-Life called an immediate halt to the drug trial. Dr Metcalfe’s funding is withdrawn and his laboratory shut down for fear of a scandal. Devastated that his life’s work maybe lost and feeling guilt ridden that his drug could have caused the death of a young man, Dr Metcalfe is determined to find answers, but when the story hits the press and the coroners report all but accuses him and his drug of medical malpractice, Dr Metcalfe faces his biggest challenge yet.  As he continues to take the drug himself and look for answers, Dr Metcalfe’s life begins to unravel as he too is affected with hallucinations. Black spiders eat at his flesh and he begins to be plagued by paranoid delusions.  Is T108 causing his mind altering state, or is his life’s work being deliberated sabotaged? When an investigative reporter approaches him with evidence that Chem-Life is using his work to develop germ warfare and that unseen forces are attempting to discredit him and T108, the Doctor soon finds himself in the centre of a terrifying conspiracy. Now with the knowledge that Chem-Life intend to use T108 as a biological weapon to sell to foreign powers, Dr Metcalfe finds his life in danger.In this heart pounding, action packed thriller, Dr Metcalfe doesn’t know who to trust or where to turn, even his own mind is working against him, but he has to determine if these hellish events and paranoid delusions are brought on by the very drug he thought would cure him, or is he at the centre of a deadly conspiracy that cuts a dark path to the heart of corporate corruption.

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