Producer: Robert Bell


Street Beat

In the last decade the music industry has seen a shift from organically produced bands to a factory production line mentality. With the birth of reality TV, reality has never been so unreal and the public are tiring of being fed the same formats year after year. Its time for people to go back to real life and real music made by real musicians. Street Beat is about real musicians, the street musician, usually multi talented and totally self made and non-manufactured like many so called “artists” exposed in the drudge of todays reality television. Our television is REAL REALITY for the real lover of music and the people who struggle against the odds to make it. Street Beat is about real musicians, real people and real music found on the streets of Britain’s major cities. There is nothing more real than seeing a musician perform in the street, with only their voice or instrument or both. It will be about finding that real talent and harnessing it and about those who help them develop as artists. Artists who compose and play their own material as well as being able to perform covers at the highest standard

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