Writer - Cliff Zimowski

Producer - Robert Bell

Director - Werner Schumann



Ten Chunks Of Her

Chet and Wendy have a relationship that is easy to describe but difficult to understand. Every night when Chet returns home from his job as a prison guard, and Wendy comes back from the bar she waits tables at; they get plastered on booze and drugs. This daily state of inebriation normally results in violent fights and screaming, followed by a few hours sleep and then explosive “make‐up” sex. It becomes a vicious cycle: Drinking, fighting, sleeping and passionately fornicating. It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt. Wendy also has A bit of a drug problem. She begs her dealer, Primbeau to give her the drugs she needs and she vows she will pay him at the end of the week. Primbeau, who is an evil, twisted and perverted man is more than happy to have Wendy indebted to him. He happily gives her the drugs she wants but warns her in no uncertain way, that if she doesn’t pay him she will regret it. On one unlucky night, Wendy accidentally suffers a fatal injury during one of her drunken battles with Chet! Chet never intended on killing her. But now what should he do? Should he explain to the cops that they both were high on drugs and drunk on booze when things just spiraled out of hand? Or should he dispose of Wendy and try to resume a normal life? How? The answer comes in the form of Vic “The Screw” Driver. Vic is an infamous serial killer who is dying from disease on death row in the prison Chet is employed. Vic wrote the book on dumping a dead bitch and he is more than willing to help mentor Chet on how to go about it. After some consideration, Chet decides to take Vic’s advice. He will try to get away with it. He has recently met Bea, a wonderful woman who has her feet planted firmly on the ground. He is smitten with her immediately and wants to pursue a serious relationship with her. But, none of that can happen unless he gets rid of what is left of Wendy. Meanwhile, Wendy’s sister, Sissy, has not seen her sister in days. She knows about the constant fighting between Chet and Wendy and is convinced that Chet has done something to her sister. She brings in the police to help investigate Chet and then joins forces with Primbeau to take him down. A dark comedy/horror film that is sure to make you laugh yourself to pieces.

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